Thursday, January 8, 2009

And after the date ...

So, we're just about caught up now. Following what I considered a pretty great date, things were at the very least interestingly puzzlingly. My friend arrived from D.C. (she should have her blog, 'Dateless in D.C.' up and running soon). I didn't hear from Sam much during this time. We had plans for a Monday double-date --- this was almost a week after our first date. Unfortunately, that didn't pan out very well as there was some confusion with the friend issue. Sure, it was probably too soon to plan a double-date when we only had one date ourselves, but I kinda wanted to see him again and I didn't want to leave my friend home. Needless to say, she was quite independent during her visit and when he finally met her --- he thought she was very cute. Not the girl he was picturing she was. Umph.

This is how we ended up meeting up with Sam. Well, after a few days of no communication --- I finally get a text from him on a Sunday night (the night before the Monday double-date) and he tells me how he has had the flu since that Wednesday (the day after our date). Well, just so happens I needed to go to the library at the next campus. Guess where I find Sam??? Yep, in the library. Now, I can't blame him for studying while he's "sick" but gee, do I wish I would've given him a ring prior to arriving on the third floor of that library. To think what that would’ve conjured up.  So, after a bit of snobbish behavior on my behalf, I'm wondering was he really sick? He kept trying to prove to me that he was, but for some reason I knew that wasn't the real reason for our lack in communication.

Low and behold the truth ... After some prying, I came to the realization the problem was about an e-mail. He asked me about the differences in British and American guys. I made a few blanket statements, not pointing fingers at him specifically --- but overall from my first date experience, what some of my American friends here in London have told me and what I've heard in general. He took things literally. For example, I mentioned that guys in London are a bit more 'touchy-feely' and I suppose he thought I was referring to him. For goodness sake, what was he thinking!?! We held hands and I laid my head on his chest! That doesn't sound like someone who is disapproving of physical contact. Nonetheless, we managed to get the situation straightened out with a little bit of communication. A few minutes later, he came downstairs and met my friend. It was a bit awkward to say the least. At this time though, I asked him about picking up my friend (the next American guest) from the airport on Christmas morning. He said he'll do it. But I gotta say, I was lacking a bit of faith at the time and told my next friend --- we should have a backup plan.

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