Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Part II: He's back ...

Somehow though, I pressed on in a foggy haze. We chatted on Facebook IM a couple of days later (I never replied to his e-mail). And somehow I got angry, happy and again to the middle ground in a matter of those instant messages. We decided to be friends ... I guess. Nonetheless, he ended up calling me that Sunday and asking what I was up to. He said he wanted to see me (not JUST a friends statement at all, I know). So, throughout that day --- he calls and texts me between his study breaks. He arrived and I was ready. I had shaved my legs etc. etc., put on my makeup and curled my hair. I was looking as if I was going out on a hot date, instead of chillin' in my room on a Sunday evening. LOL! So, we put on a movie and next thing you know he started tickling me. He then picked me up and spun me around the room (FYI --- I had on a dress this evening). Then ... we were on my bed. I was now kissing the guy who I was just days ago done seeing. God only knows how I got to this point. These were the relationships I was in London to avoid. I didn't want the "making out" and non-relationships ... well, anymore. I thought the problem was with American men, but the only common person in the London and American situations ... is me. What a sucky revelation this has turned out to be. So, here's to hoping for more self-awareness.

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