Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Fresh Start in London?

OK, I have to admit and know my friends may kill me for this one ... but when I applied to school in the U.K., I was hoping to find a bit of love too. Education, love, excitement and fashion what could be better than life abroad for a year or two.
The U.S. dating scene was getting kinda blah for me when I realized I wanted more out of life and love. Hence, the desperation to go overseas and seek a new me. Well, it may not be quite as glamorous when you consider that in nearly four months I've been out on two actual dates: two different guys and both took me on dates to the movies. How original, uh? In fairness though --- the second one and I had last minute plans due to my busy flying back from the U.S. and guests visiting schedule. And I may give him a little more room for error considering that I kinda like him and could see him being a potential bf.

So, enough about the here and now. Let's go back to see where the problem began in my relationships in the States. Ummm. Gee, do I really want to cross this hazardous stream? OK, after a minute or two of debate ... I decided to just post past "lovers" as need be.
Back to my first date in London ... OK, the first guy (we'll call him ... John) I'm sorta sorry to admit was someone working in London's public transportation system. But I thought he had potential b/c he wanted to go corporate and I figured at the very least, I could maybe get free tube tickets. LMAO! I know, I know --- it's bad. Nonetheless, I already sorta knew after meeting him at the tube station (while he was working) it wasn't going far. However, one of my London friends told me I had to get my feet wet here and get over the first date hump. So I did --- with this guy.
Let me tell you though, I surprised myself with the effort I put forth. I bought a cute sweater dress and put a bit more dazzle in my afternoon get-up for this guy. I figured I should at least put in some effort and the dress was only a few pounds. Anyhow, I met this guy at the tube station on Bond Street. And no, you don't have to ask --- he was not working this day. So, everything seemed OK in the beginning, except the black padded motorcycle jacket he was wearing (the ones guys wear when they are riding to protect themselves), his creased blue jeans and his dress shoes. I'm about to get sick thinking about that black padded motorcycle jacket again, so let me a minute. ... Well, I try to think of it this way --- maybe he was planning to jump across the trains in order to save me --- in case I was pushed or maybe even hopped onto the tracks myself. LOL! Nonetheless, we went to the movie theater and John had a problem with the guy in the ticket booth. John told him that he needed to straighten out his attitude. I was in such disbelief. Was he trying to show off or was he simply showing how he could be an ass? Either way, I was embarrassed already. Then it gets worse as we went to order snacks at the movie theater. He suggested that we share a soda. Yuck!!! Sharing popcorn I can do, but when we have to share a soda --- that's like sharing in a kiss. And I was NOT planning to kiss this guy. Yuck!!! Still, I chalked this up to maybe things being different in Britain. Did I also mention he got the cheap seats for our first date? If we were any further back ... we would've been outside. LOL! Anyhow, as the new James Bond flick begins everything seems normal. He has his own soda, we share the salty and sweet mixture popcorn and I am enjoying the flick. Then all of a sudden he wants to talk to me about all these 'wonderful' things he can do for me. I'm thinking, "Travel to Italy? Do you not see that we're sitting in the cheap seats and I'm expected to believe you're going to take me to Italy?!?" He soon continues on to ask, "Have you ever shared yourself with a man before?" This time I had to speak up. I said, "We don't need to talk about our sex lives until we are about to have sex. And quite frankly, that won't be anytime soon." The movie ended shortly afterward and as we are walking out, he told me he didn't think I liked him. I'm thinking what gives you this impression. The fact that he was groping me in the movie theater like a lion on a gazelle or the fact that he tried to get a cheap feel by telling me I had popcorn on my butt. Eeeh. Things weren't looking so great for the British chaps and me. Was this all I had to look forward to? He planned a second date with me, but I cordially declined after I was back at home safely and knew he wasn't stalking me or anything. And eventually the calls and texts fell off. Whew! That date was in mid-November and I was beginning to see fewer possibilities in London than in the States until guy number two (we'll call him ... Sam). We'll save that one for entry number two.

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