Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Crush.

Part One: So, there's this guy I was crushin' since November of last semester. His name is ... well, we will call him Richard. Richard is 23 (hey, I'm meeting guys on campus and I thought he was older. what can I say?) --- In fairness though, the first date guy was in his early or mid-30s. Nonetheless, Richard lives right across the hall from me. I'm not even sure if this posting is even necessary, but wanted to get a grasp for all my sorta interests --- across the board. Anyhow, Richard I'm not sure ever knew I liked him or crushed on him. We were still getting to know each other, so I don't want to use the big "L" word quite yet. Somehow, I found myself slipping little notes under his door and he under mind and investing in 'chill' clothes b/c every time he ran into me --- I was ALWAYS in my gray sweats and one of my dad's ol' college sweatshirts he gave me when I was like 10. Quick point --- my new 'chill' clothes now consists of long sleeved fitted shirts, leggings and comfy pom-pom boots. Nonetheless, he hung out in my room a couple of times as well. 

Plans interrupted: The first time we were suppose to go out we were suppose to see the musical "Wicked." I knew he liked the theater and so one day, I casually said to him, "Hey, I'm hoping to see "Wicked" soon and wanted to see if you would want to join me." We made plans from two weeks from that date. Meanwhile, we were still passing notes underneath each other's doors until that one day --- a few days before we were to see the show --- I got the most disappointing note of them all. He said he couldn't make it due to a last minute group meeting. His note seemed sincere enough, but I went on without him. I'm a gal of the new era --- a 'Miss Independent' if I may. So, that morning of the show I got up early to get a rush ticket. Guess what? I ran into him in the hallway looking like s$#@. Now generally I don't curse often, but trust me that word was absolutely necessary. You remember the infamous sweats and sweatshirt --- yeah, he saw me that. This was obviously prior to the 'chill' clothes investment. I tried not to let it bother me as I was able to snag the last rush ticket available that day. I was thrilled! So, I decided to call him. I completely forgot about his group meeting at the moment. I told him about my luck and he sounded excited. Low and behold ... he was actually in a group meeting. Surprising. He wasn't just standing me up. So, I went to the show and let me give a quick shout for Wicked's Alexia Khadime as Elphaba. She was fabulouso (a word from the show ... I think). Anyhow, I thought he would be interested in learning about the show and besides I was kinda interested in knowing what he was up to. 

Second game plan: At this point, it was probably a few minutes after 7 p.m. So, after I told him about the show, he told me about his group meeting and decided to ask if he wanted to come by for a movie. He said sure, offering 9 p.m. as the best time for him as he was wrapping up some school work. It's something with these guys being 'ultra-busy' with school stuff and me not being extra busy with school stuff. Who knows what it could be. Maybe I need to take my friend's suggestion and start interning again as 'idle hands' can be dangerous. LOL! Anyhow, despite this same friend's suggestions ... I went to the grocery store and bought some microwaveable popcorn, two bottles of Coca-Cola and some Oreo cookies. Thank God for my cousin who was on the phone with me at the time, advising me to go no further than that. She knows I can go overboard when I like someone and I was definitely trying to break out that habit. So, he came by and we watched Martin Lawrence's "You So Crazy." He choice, not mines. It seems though that Richard has quite the interest in black culture as he chatted with me about going to Africa to study music etc. etc. Oh, this would probably be a good time to mention that he's Canadian and I'm ... well, not. LOL! Nonetheless, he got most of the jokes and what he didn't get was simply because he's American. We ate popcorn, cookies and drank Coke. It was a nice evening that ended a little after midnight. Unfortunately, I was falling asleep as the evening was getting later. He clearly noticed that as he was trying to tell me about his interest in doing philanthropy work in Africa. Everything was great, as I soon invested in those 'chill' clothes I told you about earlier, and I thought things were on a roll. He was still busy, but we managed to see each other. How could we not? We were flat neighbors. Well, I do admit that I had a big part to play in that ... 

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