Thursday, January 8, 2009

Still there's Hope?

A few days following the 'accidental' meet and greet at the library, I wasn't sure if Sam was going to come through to pickup my friend. I have to say I was a bit nervous to say the least and my friend who was visiting, was doubtful as well.

Christmas Eve arrived and he texted me to let me know he was on his way over. I picked him up a few little knick knacks --- all under 5 pounds, according to London Paper's "What to Buy a Guy You Just Met" section. It was nothing --- I figured at the very least, it would be a thank you for picking my friend up early Christmas morning. The little baggie contained stuff I picked up at the Superdrug, like "Kissable Lip Balm," and some bath salts and things of that nature. The note on the bag read, "To kissable evenings and relaxing nights to come." I thought it was cute enough. So, he headed over and it was about midnight when he arrived. Against my better dating judgment, I OK’d everything --- considering I had to get my friend from the airport on a day when NO PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION was running. He smelt of black 'n'mild smoke or cigarettes. Yuck! I hate those things, as I'm not a smoker myself. It was my first immediate turn-off. However, I prevailed. I was trying to think of how my friend would be stranded in London's airport on her first visit to Europe. Well, we watched a DVD and somehow I found myself making out with him. No sex, just kissing and touching. It was totally PG-13. We slept for a few hours and somehow I liked him again, despite EVERYTHING. I ended up sleeping on my friend's air mattress b/c there just wasn't enough room on my twin-size bed for the two of us. The next morning, after just a few hours of sleep, we woke up and I showered. He cleaned out his car and we left to pickup my friend.

The pickup: We met my friend at the airport and everything was fine. I paid the three pounds for his parking, b/c after all it was Christmas morning and he was doing me the favor. He was very polite to my friend and even held conversations with her about her job in mathematics. He, himself, prides on his mathematical skills. I smiled inside thinking that things were beginning to look up for Sam and me again. We all joked and laughed about our lives together and a part. And then my friend offered him 20 pounds for picking her up --- considering petrol is quite expensive here and the trip was about 20-30 minutes away. He wouldn't accept it though. I was proud. What a gentleman, I began to think. We arrived back on campus and of course, he opened my door. He then walked us to the building's entrance and hugged me goodbye and kissed me on the forehead. Things were certainly looking up.

Days following: I found myself receiving some e-mails, maybe a text or two from him ... but oddly enough, no phone calls. I just excused it as him not wanting to intrude upon my company. The day before I leave for Paris, he drops by to see me and to wish me a 'Happy New Year.' We sit in his car for about an hour and a half and vent, discuss our frustrations etc. etc. He was a bit sick, so I was kinda flattered that he still came out --- although I washed my hands frantically when entering my room. LOL! After we chatted, he opened my door and walked me inside of my building. We were playful for a bit. He picked me up and hugged me. Then he did the kiss on the forehead thing again. So, everything seemed to be right back on track. We even had plans for that Friday after I returned --- just to give me a bit of breathing room from tight quarters in my flat.

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