Thursday, January 8, 2009

The meeting ...

So, it's been a little while since I visited 'Loveless in London.' Since that time quite a bit has happened. The 'love interest' is already over. But for those who may be reading, let me back track a few steps.

Well, I met this guy in an "unconventional way" --- a month ago, yesterday. I remember b/c I was flying back to the States the day after. Nonetheless, we met as I was on my way to the university library. I was sorta in a rush to print out my airline ticket and get back to my room, because I had an early flight the next day. My grandmother had just passed and the last thing I was thinking about was meeting a guy. Just so happened, the day I'm in a rush and threw on anything --- I meet someone. We'll call him "Sam," remember?

So, Sam approached me that very cold evening as he was coming from elsewhere inside the university. I think from dropping off an assignment of some sort. Nonetheless, I remember he was carrying a can of Sour Cream and Onion Pringles and I half-smiled at him. He made some noise and said something like, "Excuse me." I turned around as if I was a bit annoyed that he was stopping me. He then asked if he could talk to me for a minute. I quickly remembered what I looked like and turned around and looked back to see if he was talking to me. It was the funniest thing.

I thought he was pretty cute and I loved that he was super tall. Well, I'm only 5'4 --- so almost anyone is "super tall." But as he stood there, 6'3 and all, he began to talk to me --- I learned he was intelligent too. I believe his major is global financing or something financing. I was indeed impressed. So, he asked for my number and I offered it to him. He called it immediately to make sure it would go through or to make sure I was giving him the right number. Then, as we began to chit-chat a bit more, I asked him about his Pringles --- mentioning that it was American. He said they were his favorite 'crisps' -- chips. Sam then told me how he thought I was 'very bubbly' and asked was it attributed to all that 'American sunshine.' I agreed. The British accent had me going at this point and I nearly forgot why I was out so late (probably about 10:30 p.m.). So, as the conversation began to wrap up --- I told him to Facebook Friend Request me. It would be the best way to reach me while I was in the States for a week.

And, low and behold ... he did, also instantly. So, we chatted that week while I was away. He offered to even call internationally, but I sorta thought it was inappropriate to give out my family's home number. What if he ended up being crazy or something? Well, I consulted with one of my State-side girlfriends about the issue --- she's one of the few that I get dating advice from --- but she agreed, the e-mailing and IMing would be best until I returned. We e-mailed and IMed just about everyday until I was no longer available by computer.

Nonetheless, I thought of him while I was away. I picked him up a can of Pringles (a new flavor) since London only provides three types. And when I returned he called me that day (as he told me he had it marked in his phone --- the day of my arrival). He asked about doing dinner, but at the time I had already eaten. So, he suggested a movie. Despite the fact that I was a bit jet-lagged, I agreed as I knew my American guests would be arriving as soon as the next day.

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